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The cleaner choice for marketers, designers and developers.

Flowplayer is an online video platform running on more than 450 000 sites all over the web. Instead of stealing the audience – Flowplayer welcomes users with clarity. It becomes a seamless part of your online marketing.

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Flowplayer 6.0: Cross-browser HLS • Better API • No jQuery • Full release notes…

Custom design

Flowplayer can match your brand's look and feel consistently across browsers, devices and operating systems. It shines on the all-important first impression.

Minimalistic design ensures that your video is the star of the show.

Sell it with an image

Start with a gorgeous, high-quality, retina-optimized image. This allows you far greater control than simply displaying the first frame of your video.

Unlimited instances

Include any number of player instances on a single page without compromising performance.

Built-in overlaying

Set up video overlays without JavaScript by simply adding a CSS class name.

Customizable end screen

Send users exactly where you want them to go after the video ends.

A custom screen after the video

Your own calls to action

Redirect users to a purchase page, product tour or suggest they fill a form. Your video's end screen is fully customizable via HTML. View demo….

Video suggestions

Suggest videos from your collection, and avoid users leaving the site to a third-party service.

(Suggestions are coming soon)

Personal video library

Manage your videos in one location and learn how users interact with them.

All videos at a glance

Add, remove, publish, unpublish, share and embed your videos from a video library designed with the user experience firmly in mind.

Track engagement

How long do viewers spend watching your videos? At what point do they lose interest or tune out and go elsewhere?

Measure popularity

View traffic across your entire account, spot trends, and observe the big picture.

Maximum video quality

Our three-pass encoding guarantees superior quality for the viewer.


Our encoder ensures that the resulting visual quality is always the same. This is achieved by first running a diagnostic program to determine the best encoding parameters specifically for your video.

Multiple resolutions

Flowplayer encodes from three to eight different resolutions. These include lower quality for slow connections and higher quality elsewhere.

Automatic bitrate switching

Video quality is automatically adjusted based on the connection speed. Flowplayer uses a Flash fallback to guarantee that HLS works across all browsers.

Earn with your content

Monetize your videos with Google AdExchange.

Exclusive access

AdExchange is normally restricted to sites with more than 10 million streams per month, but Flowplayer makes it available for everyone.

Show ads at the start of the video, at a pre-defined time, or at the end. All impressions and clicks are associated with your account, and the ad revenue duly assigned to you.

…or no ads at all

Ads are completely optional. You can, of course, keep things minimal and focus your users’ attention on the onboarding flow.

Learn more…


Flowplayer is built to serve the nerdiest needs around.

curl -X POST --include '' \
  -H 'flowplayer-authcode: DojtowejbuXczIg123tVLpRRANf4hcpVAk' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \
  --data-binary '{"job":{"url":"","title":"My cool video"}}'

Video API

Seamlessly integrate video management and transcoding into your build scripts. Upload as much as you like and we'll take care of the confusing resolution and video codec options.

(NPM module is coming soon.)

Player API

Hack every part of video playback. Listen to events, add cuepoints, make style changes based on the player state or sync the playback with other parts of the page.

Open source

Flowplayer is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. It's the smallest player on the market and is not dependent on jQuery. Contributions are welcome.

Pay once, yours forever

Flowplayer licenses never expire. You pay once and can then use the player for as long as you wish.